Services we offer

Decorative works

We offer the artistic wall decorations with the latest various materials as imitations of the walls (e.g., marble)

Facades / Insulation

Quality facades and all kinds of insulation (Styrofoam graphite/white, Styrodur, heat, noise, hydro insulation…)


Adaptation of your apartments, houses and business premises. Demolition or upgrading existing components.

Teamwork is a condition for success

In conditions of constant pushing forward the boundaries of wall decorative features today, and a wide range of needs and demands of clients, you need a well-trained and pozioniran team. It is also necessary that each individual on the team is found in the right role assigned to, because it’s the only way the individual and the team give their maksimium.


At the beginning of his career, everything looked different, more uncertain and less clear. Now, after more than 15 years of work I have a clear goal. With each new project we want to outdo your previous one. I have long since made our work to be more close to art, trying to be different in everything from the competition and attract the attention of customers. I am proud of many finished projects. What is particularly nice about my job is the fact that what I do see people every day and doing so, had a great feeling and it’s a goal that I had.

Behind the big things are great people, so it is the backbone of the team and every success. As a manager, I perform in every new project, the careful selection of collaborators and I permanently on site, to control but also participation in the work. Nothing is left to chance and be sure that you will be satisfied with the work we done.

Customers who already know us, they know what we do and how we do it. For the rest, we have prepared this web page that will give you a little insight into what we do. Enjoy! 🙂

Ivan Milanović

Entrepreneur , Artkolor

Our work process

The work process is always fully adapted to clients’ needs and challenges of the job.

We spetially emphasize our commitment to the conduct of meticulous work and respect for customer privacy. We also strive to maximize our work in accordance with all applicable regulations, respect the necessary environmental and health standarides.

Konversation with the client

It is important to know exactly what the client wants.


Good preparation of work is half the work done.

Work / Control

To avoid failure in work, job must be permanently controlled.

Delivery of facility

When the facility is fully completed, submitted to the customer.

Our contact

You can contact us through the form to the right or call us directly at ++381 63 444 121.


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