Privacy Policy & Disclaimer – Personal Data Protection


Scope of protection

The role of this website is to instruct users on the possible use of its pivatnih data on the website
Protection of personal data is taken seriously and we can not guarantee that your data can be fully protected from inspection by the other person.


Access data

Provider that includes the page collects and records data in the form of Server-Logfile-Protocol. The protocol includes the following information:

  • Visited pages
  • Time and duration of visit
  • Quantity of sent data (MB)
  • Data from which page you came
  • Which browser you used
  • Which drive system you have installed on the computer from which you visited our site
  • Your customer’s IP address

All these data are used for statistical processing and improvement of the website. If there is a suspicion of some form of abuse, protocols from the server can be used for investigative purposes.


Handling personal data

We continues pass your personal data only in accordance with the legal framework. Under personal information we mean information that specifies you and that allow monitoring of you. For example, your name, your email address or your phone.


Handling with contact information

If you leave your contact details on our website (Email, address, etc.) They are kept and not given to third parties without your consent.


User Rights: Information, statements and delete

As a user you are entitled to information about wich your personal data are recorded on our site. You have the right to request the deletion of information about you on our website if it is not in contradiction with our legal obligations.


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